Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Old Mermaid

At a writing conference, after a writing playshop...

Little Old Lady: What is your book about?

Me: It’s about a 17-year-old girl who goes on a cruise with her family and mysteriously falls into the water and mysteriously transforms into a mermaid and has to figure out what happened and how to get home. It’s about searching for home and longing for what you once had.

Little Old Lady: Oh, I grew up as a mermaid!

Me: I grew up as a fairy so mermaid was a stretch for me.

Little Old Lady: Oh, so I have a fan. See, my father built pools in Southern California, where we lived. So my sisters and I got to go swimming in all these different pools every day. Celebrity pools. Decadent pools.

Me: The most extravagant pools.

Little Old Lady: Elizabeth Taylor’s pool. Cary Grant’s pool. 

The decadent pool of Doris Duke (on O'ahu).

Also friends, I'll soon be moving this blog to WordPress. Once the process is complete, I'll let you know and I hope that you will come check out my new digs. 

Happy Saturday!


  1. I was def a hunter of ghosts:) But only if they wore tophats.

  2. Those are both very good childhood existences. I'm just glad neither of you said troll, cuz jeez those people are nuts.

  3. Hey! What you got against trolls?! I was a wizard that lost a bet and got turned into a troll for awhile...

  4. You see it's just that trolls have this weird tendency to randomly attack people, in my experience.