Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm writing another book.

I just couldn't take it anymore! Nine months of editing drove me totally nuts. It was always questions. Sooo many questions. Should they kiss in this scene? Should she think of him here? Should she think of him there? Is this right? Is this wrong? Is this good?

Is this crap?

It sucked. I hated all those questions. They felt like shattered dreams. The three months I spent scheming up an alternate universe and filling it with fascinating people doing fascinating things came down to plot holes, lost momentum, and caricatures.

Damn them and their two dimensions.

And so, I'm being irresponsible. I am quitting, for now. I'm writing another book.

Currently, its 10 pages. So exciting, I know.

I get to start all over again, create the place, create the people. And when I'm done, I'll resume editing the first book while editing the second book. Oh, shit, then I'll have two books to edit!

They are each the beginning of their own series so...uh oh. Maybe I'll be one of those people with a room full of half-finished series-starters.

Until said room is full, you can find me in denial.


  1. Hi Day,

    Thanks for sharing the info about your blog.
    I've read it and thought of a little poem for you.
    Of all the words, in all the books, at your local library;
    of all the words you now possess in your own vocabulary;
    of all the words from your keyboard that can be struck,
    me thinks you gain a greater audience by avoiding the word _ _ _ _.

    Love you, your Dadman.

  2. Hahahaaa! that's hilarious. you're probably right. it's not just for shock value I swear. I'll work on that tho. But I can see where I get my talent.