Friday, July 16, 2010


The tropics does some crazy shit to a person. If you don't believe me, watch The Secret Power of Time.

But you believe me.

A list of opposite things has been running through my head since we've moved. Let's see if I can remember them.

CA: Get inspiration from the sea and calm organization from the mountains
HI: Get inspiration from the mountains and get calm organization from the sea.
It is tripping me out! I can't stinking sleep, because I live in the mountains. Wind blows through the open window and I go insane.

CA: Unconfrontational
HI: Confrontational
So I used to avoid confrontation at all costs, even if it meant frantically fretting over everything I could have said for about four days. But now, I just wanna tell the world. Like today, I was at a beach resort in Kahala (where I got to see dolphins do tricks by the way. Yes! Tricks! Back flips. Front flips. Swirly flips. Ohhh, dolphins. They make me cry). Oh sorry. Anyways. These two love birds run right by my towel lengthwise at the beach and spatter me with sand like happy water-loving dogs. I stand up and yell "Excuse me!" as they dive into the ocean, holding each other tight. They don't hear, and I sit back down. But still, I yelled.

CA: I needed a lot of sleep. Gabe needed a little.
HI: I need a little sleep. Gabe needs a lot.
Ya know what, this little item is total bullshit. I need some sleep. Sleep? Who said the world sleep? Ahhh glorious sleep. I need it. Yes I do.

CA: loathed the smell of blogs
HI: has own blog
It still trips me out, still makes me wonder. What is wrong with me? Pity the creature that lies in bed typing on aluminum all about herself. What she thinks. What she wants. Ick. Icky icky ick. All bloggers are just plain icky. And yet, once I got used to the foul smell, I realized that there are many blogs that I just plain adore: the rawness, the look-at-me, the voice.

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  1. Oh my, you have given me a NEW addiction! What a wonderful window into YOU you've created. I feel like a Peeping Tom, gazing through Dayana's Looking Glass. When I share about your blog, I feel like I'm telling a precious secret. That's how well you have created your window. Thank you. You are lovely, even when you're wacky