Sunday, July 18, 2010

it really has begun

Feeling optimistic today. The wind, the rain, the pineapple, the pot. Two days ago, I put up my encouragement on the wall, notes to myself and quotes. It really marked the beginning of the writing process for the new book.

To digress, the idea for the book came to me in a dream one year ago, and it really excites me to write something that seemed to come in a message. (Book 1 was conceived while battling senioritis triggered by my nerdy-hot British professor.) In that dream, I actually saw the book.

A husky man had delivered a shipment of the books to a very run-down pet store. I reached into a bin that should've held bunnies and picked one up, cleared off the hay. I skimmed through it and saw pictures of the five main characters inside. The gist of the story leaped off the pages (can't tell ya what yet). It was exactly the sort of book I always wanted to read. I remember very clearly that it was written by Morock Spock.

Yesterday, I backed my painted notices on sturdy cardboard and tacked them to wall. Here are the words that will help me beat Morock Spock to it, whoever he is:
I have a dream
Just don't stop
"If you just imagine your criticism, and you put it into a little bundle of sticks and you place that bundle of sticks a foot away from yourself, that space between you and that bundle of sticks is your creative space. How far are you gonna put it from you? You could set it a mile from you, and you could dance all around the countryside. Or you could glue it to your forehead and never be allowed to take a breath." --Antony Hegarty
"A brilliant writer sweeps the reader out of this world into one where the author rules absolutely." --George Dawes Green
Give yourself permission


  1. The inspiration of our dreams is another of your powerful tools. It appears that you are aquiring quite an assortment for your bunny basket. I love that.

  2. And I even have bunnies! well upstairs anyways